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The Nine at Louisville | Stay Stress Free During Winter Break!

Winter break is just around the corner, but not before finals are over. Before you head home for break, here are a few ways to destress during finals!

  • Schedule- Schedule your study time, and schedule break time, too! For every hour to an hour and a half of studying, schedule a 10 minute break. But set an alarm so you don’t end up on a Wikifari for several hours.
  • Sleep- All-nighters may seem great for studying, but make sure you get some rest. Schedule naps for 20 minutes, so you have an easier time waking up.
  • Fitness- Hit the gym or check out these free YouTube videos you can do from your apartment.
  • Music- Create a playlist to get you motivated, or listen to it in the background.
  • Organize your space- Make sure your study space is organized, as well as your study material! Post-its, highlighters and desk organizers are a great way to keep you on track.
  • Stay hydrated- Make sure you are drinking plenty of water to counteract all that caffeine you will be consuming!
  • Massage- Check with your school to see if they’re offering massage clinics on campus.
  • Color- Coloring books and markers are a great way to relax and get your mind off studying. Use them during one of your 10 minute breaks!

Good luck with finals! We can’t wait to see you after winter break!